Preparing for Spring: Planning Your Exterior Painting Projects Now

As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, it might seem counterintuitive to think about exterior painting projects. However, winter is actually the perfect time to start planning for your spring painting endeavors. By preparing now, you can ensure your home is ready for a fresh, vibrant look as soon as the warm weather returns. Here’s why you should start planning your exterior painting projects during the winter months.

Early Booking Advantages

Spring and summer are peak seasons for exterior painting. By planning your project now, you can book Leogreen Painting & Decorating well in advance, securing a spot in our busy schedules. This not only guarantees that your project will be completed on time, but you might also benefit from more flexible scheduling options.

Ample Time for Color Selection

Choosing the right colors for your home’s exterior is a crucial decision that requires time and consideration. Winter provides the perfect opportunity to research color trends, consult with painting experts, and test different shades. You can use this time to gather samples, paint small sections of your exterior, and observe how the colors look in different lighting conditions. Did you know that we offer complimentary colour consultations with every full quote accepted?

Thorough Surface Preparation

Proper preparation is key to a successful painting project. During the winter months, you can inspect your home’s exterior for any damage or areas that need repair. Addressing issues such as peeling paint, cracks, or rot early ensures that the surface is in optimal condition for painting when spring arrives. This proactive approach can save you time and money in the long run.

Planning for Optimal Weather Conditions

Spring weather can be unpredictable, especially here in SEQ, but by planning ahead, you can schedule your painting project during a period when conditions are most favorable. Ideal painting weather is typically dry, with moderate temperatures and low humidity. By monitoring weather forecasts and coordinating with us, you can choose the best time for your project to ensure a high-quality finish.


Planning your exterior painting project during the winter months offers numerous benefits, from securing your preferred contractor to taking your time with color selection. By starting early, you can ensure your home is ready for a stunning transformation when spring arrives. Take advantage of the winter season to prepare, and enjoy a beautifully refreshed home in the new year.

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